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Wedding Photography

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY- Hire the Best Photographers for the Special EVENT

Chitranjali Wedding Studio aimed to seize the special wedding moment with perfection. Our photographers have witnessed the transformation in wedding photography over the time and taken the best out of it to enhance the pictures. We have seen traditional snaps going candid. We have witnessed templates transforming to stories. We make sure that the wedding snaps remain the inspiration, timeless treasure with a touch of fun.

Every photographer has an individualistic style and has followed that over the ages. However, what makes the difference is the approach. The way a photographer can cross the line and go beyond the standard definition of wedding photography create the difference in approach. At Chitranjali Wedding Studio, you can expect to witness the difference in approach among our photographers quite prominently.

We make sure that the raw storytelling remains unaltered. Therefore, with the best snaps, we help to document each of the wedding stories of yours in such a way that brings out the true spark of your bonding. We know the importance of the events. We always strive our best to bring a part of your love story forward.

Wedding Shoots with CHITRANJALI

Undoubtedly, we are one of the leaders when it comes to wedding photography in Kolkata. Being in the industry for years, we know the importance of the rituals of the wedding. We are the team of professional and dedicated photographers, passionate enough to lens lock and preserve some of the best moments- emotions, gossips, laughter and of course the proceedings of the rituals. We love to bring in variation with each of our new projects.

Do you love wedding stories? “Shake hands.” We too! Who else on this earth does not like a story? Each story is different. Isn’t it? Well, we make sure that we portray your love story in such a way that they not only touch others heart but also make you jump out of delight. Complete ESCTACY with shutter!!

Reasons to Choose US

We are ATTENTIVE. Yes of course! We make sure that we are the first one to witness each of the nostalgic moments of your closed ones- friends and relatives. Ah, wait! It does not mean that we spare the lovebirds. We capture each of the “chitchats” that created a warm moment and set the background for the true emotions to come out. We ensure that each of our candid wedding clicks brings in a smile on the face even after VIDAAI…

We are the TEAM working in coordination with each other. We know the importance of enthralling memories, exquisite moments and the plethora of never-ending vehemence. Our team understands the importance of each of the elements throughout the wedding events and therefore, leave no stone unturned in bagging those.

Our expert and experienced team make sure that they include all the stunning “wedding hodgepodge” of the beautiful soul-stirring emotions to make the wedding memories exactly what you were looking for.

Chitranjali Wedding Studio is AFFORDABLE. Yes, unlike the others, we make sure that our price remains within the ambit of your reach. We are affordable, quality photographers stealing the priceless moments from your life only for YOU!!