Wedding Monochromes- 7 Photography Hacks for the best Outcome

Most of the professional photographers follow the wise words that if you want to click the clothes, you go for colour photography and when it comes to capturing the soul, black and white photos do the magic. To snap a jaw-dropping, mesmerising and unforgettable moment in monochrome during the wedding, it is essential to make sure that all the factors that lead to the best snaps are present at the moment.

Black and white photography, especially during any special event like that of the wedding, takes skill and cornerstone attributes into account that help to make an excellent monochrome frame.

The following are some of the ways that are used to make sure that every clicked snap of the wedding is just astounding and tantalising-

1. Click RAW

One of the most significant advantages of clicking photos in RAW is that it can be edited later on. At times, the photos do not look the same as it was thought to be at the time of clicking. The RAW images can be edited to the best possible way to obtain a desired image. So, in case you change your mind, do the suitable editing in the RAW format.

2. Introduce Silver Effex

A good black and white photograph must have a subtle dull silver effect to differentiate the contrast. The professional wedding photographers in Kolkata make use of some of the best softwares to create the dull silver effect to distinguish between the different hues of whites and black.

3. Pay Attention to the Details

The black and white snaps portray a clear image of the people. The lines, shapes and the shadows help in pre-visualising the frame. For wedding photography, the details play a major role. The elements present in different customs and rituals get defined by the detailing present in B/W photographs.

4. A Strict ‘NO’ to Noise

What is the primary demerit with the monochrome snaps is the problem of the noise. It is obvious that low light photography brings in noise in the click. For the occasions like wedding, grains are not desirable. Therefore, for the wedding photographers, use of high performing DSLRs and the high-end softwares help in removing the noise, if formed.

5. Look out for the Contrast

The professional wedding photographers believe that adding an increased contrast in the black and white photograph helps in creating interest. The candid wedding photographer in Kolkata makes sure that the snapped photo has some part of the picture near to pure black and the rest part near to pure white.

6. Add Grays to the Monochrome

To understand the real effect of the light, the formation of the gray areas is the crucial aspect of monochrome wedding photography. Without the presence of the different range of the shades of gray, the monochrome wedding snaps will obviously look dull.

7. Reflect the Reflections

Several rituals are completed near the reflective surfaces. Therefore, to make sure that the light reflections do not hamper the real tone of the photo, the photographers use a polariser to restrict the unwanted reflected rays that sidetrack the actual composition of the photo.


Keeping the different aspects in mind and taking care of the elements help in determining a black and white photograph to be astonishing. These elements are the secret sauce that adds a great taste to the wedding photography.

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