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Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Video Stand Out From the Rest

Who does not want their wedding to be just picture perfect – like a romantic film they watch in multiplexes where two people get together for eternity and thereafter…

Well, it is the magic wand of the skilled photographers that can make your idea of a dream wedding come true. They may not be responsible for the arrangements but if someone can focus on the smallest of things that you have selected to decorate the venue or capture the minute emotions that you share with your close ones, is the best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. They know how to make an ordinary moment look brilliant, immersed in emotions.

Their skill is not limited to the still photography. The wedding videography is undoubtedly one of the best things that can add to the beauty of the most special event of your life. All you need to do is to talk to the appointed videographer in the first place and select an idea that will work more as an ‘unscripted script’ for your wedding story.

Here are some of the ideas that you can consider for your own wedding video that is regarded as popular choices.

Documentary Style

It is possibly one of the most common styles of wedding videos that you will come across. Bride, bride’s friends and relatives, as well as the essential people from groom’s side, will be interviewed in the process or asked by the videographers to log their journey with the couple such as how they are related to the couple and so on. Everyone will have their own insights to share about the couple, and that is what helps the videographers to create a unique journey of the love couple.

Making the ‘Moment’ Package

Not everyone loves the idea of sitting in front of a long-stretched video of the wedding. The videographer can also cut the video short and concise it by compiling the best moments of the entire wedding together. Well, it may seem that every moment is precious in the wedding scene but choosing the best candid moments from those and making those work together to create a beautiful wedding story is the thing that the videographers specialise in.

Slideshow Technique

Another popular idea of videography can be the slideshow technique in which the photographers compile the photographs taken in the event, including music and special effects to it and make it dramatic in every way possible so that a simple slideshow presentation may look like a brilliant work of cinematography.

Focusing On Your Love Story Only

Not every couple wants to include their relatives or friends to tell their story. Instead, they love to share their own story of love as not many of the others know about their courtship. In this video, the videographers highlight the couple only and compile moments of the wedding keeping the others in the backdrop.


Make your choice today and call up the photographers associated with the destination for best wedding stories videography in Kolkata whom you will find in Chitranjali Wedding Studio. Let your wedding memories linger on your mind forever with the dreamy wedding video file you get finally.

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