Gelling Tradition With Innovation and Clicking Wedding Snaps

The pre-wedding photo session is the new in-thing in Kolkata wedding concept. In fact, this is the new trend that has become popular all over the world. Off late, Kolkata has couples of Kolkata has joined the trend, and has become a new chapter in the pre-wedding ceremonies. It has nothing to do with the culture, but still, it has become an inseparable part of the wedding ceremony.

What it gives to the wedding?

Traditionally – nothing, but aesthetically – a lot, to be frank! They act as a preamble to the new chapter of life, which is to going to unfurl for the two lovebirds. They act as a platform for the togetherness that is going to be the foundation of the life of the bride and the groom.

These pre-wedding photos are indeed frozen moments, during the lead up to the D-day. Naturally, there are so many things attached to these pre-wedding photos. As if to add to that mood, the best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata add their innovation and creative intuition to these photos. The way they are shot with the use of light and shade, and the use of colours, types of lens and filters and every other aspect of photo shooting techniques add to the glory of these photos.

Then again, all the innovative edges added in these photos make a seamless combination with whatever traditionalism these photo-sessions carry with them.

The art of mixing tradition with innovation

When it comes to mixing tradition with art, innovation with ritual these pre-wedding photos are something to adore. In this practice of missing the two aspects, the photographers leave no stone unturned. They take subject to the most unlikely places, use backgrounds that are abstract, to say the least, use various off-centre subjects, make the best of the composite concepts to make a perfect combination light and shade, colours and the traditionalist black and white approach into one frame.

The most amazing part of these photo shoots is that while maintaining all the professional ethics, the candid wedding photographers in Kolkata maintain a subtle candidness, and it is this underlying combination that makes all the difference.

Capturing the moods

When it comes to capturing the moods, again the traditionalism and innovation are mixed seamlessly. While the very objective of these sessions is, of course, capturing and freezing the spirits of the would-be bride and groom in all possible ways, the expressions that are caught need to be true as well. That is, there should not be any vagueness in the approach. Instead, they need to be spontaneous. In fact, the more is the spontaneity, the more successful will be the photos.

Thus, it is up to the photographers to make the session a success. One should opt for studies like Chitranjali Wedding Studio, which is home to some of the best pre-wedding photographers in Kolkata. And don’t ignore the experience it has under its belt.

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