Quick Enquiry

I have a relative with DSLR camera who can give me the wedding shots. What is the point of hiring a wedding photography service and paying extra?

Ask yourself first! Do you want to invite your guests and your relative to the wedding to click your photographs? Well, they are at the event as you have invited them for attending your wedding and enjoying themselves. And secondly, the person you ask for the photographs may not be able to give you the superior quality photos you deserve to get. That is why you should go for investing money on our professionals as you are going to get something better than you probably have expected.

What is the mode of Payment?

Our mode of payment is quite simple. You can choose to pay us by cheques or opt for online transfer directly to the account details we will offer.

How do I book your services?

The process is quite simple. For booking, you have to pay 25% of the total package payable in advance. You have to pay 55% of the total package amount on the last day of the event followed by the rest 20%, your third and final instalments within a few days of the event.

Can you name some of the cameras you use for the wedding shoots?

Canon 5D Mark III, Sony A7 Mark III, Sony A9, Canon 5D Mark IV, RED are some of the cameras we use for our wedding shoots depending on the location and other considerations.

When can I expect to get the photos after the shoot?

We will give you raw images of the wedding photo shoot along as soon as you clear out the second payment instalment.

Do you provide RAW files of the photos along with the edited versions?

Of course we do. We provide 400 edited images along with raw images.

Do you offer any packages or the clients need to book the services separately?

The client needs to fill up our contact form on our website so that we can be able to give you the offers and packages.