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Experts’ Advice These Yes’s n Nos for BETTER STEALTH Candid Photography

How many times have you heard – “HEY EVERYONE, Watch the Birdie, Smile and Say Cheese….”

Probably plenty of times, and if you are an aspiring photographer, then you will know how much posing, lens adjustments, countdown, shuttle clicks, etc!
These clicks do look great for your scrapbooks, albums and even your Mixbook; but other than this genre, there’s one untapped area of photography- known as Candid photography.

This is unique in a way that it doesn’t require any posing. Rather, the true essence of a candid photography is lens-locking those moments in its innate essence. Whatever emotions, actions or reactions are captured is REAL and UNSTAGED, and it’s because your subject is completely unaware that they are under the lens.

Candid Photography is a skill in its own way. You need to know your camera and settings inside-out to be able to capture those rare moments instantaneously. It is one of the most powerful and inspiring forms of photography and something which is raving emphatically all around.

If you wish to hone in your candid photography skills, here are some Yes’s and Nos from experts that you should be clear about.

Starting Off With the Yes’s

i. Capture Interactions Of Their Unique Relationships: When you are focussing on your subject; you should try to capture some of those special and rare interactions that best depict the story of their deep bonding.

Their interactions, assistance, unrestrained laughter (without being aware of you trying to click their pictures), is the real essence of Candid photography. But for that, you always have to be on the lookout for such precious moments.

ii. Do make it a Point to Be as Discreet as Possible: That’s the whole point of candid photography. While you are trying to catch people in their acts; you need to stay as discreet as possible.

Your subjects should even have the faintest of idea that you’re trying to photograph them. Otherwise, they will become conscious and begin to unconsciously behave in what they believe is normal.

iii. Do Try To Experiment With Your Shots: Reputed candid wedding photographers in Kolkata recommend experimenting with every shot. These experts suggest shooting at different angles and levels and using objects and people to fill the picture frame. This adds character to your clicks and makes it appear more unique.

The Nos:

– Don’t Prevent From Using Zoom: Zoom lens will be your best friend for taking candid photography. With it; you can really focus on the subject in front of you (without getting too close and getting your cover blown).

– Using Flash Is a Big NO: If the wedding hall has adequate lighting; you should not use flash. The first reason is because it will make people aware of your motives. And the second reason is, using flash; the natural essence of the picture is ruined.

Capping Off:

Unless you are sure about your skills; you should never take the responsibility of wedding photography. Rather; you should hire reputed candid wedding photography specialist in Kolkata, watch how they work, interact with them and get up-close-and-personal about their photographic approach.

The best way to perfect your photography skills is to learn from the best-in-the-business. To get quality photographers; you should check out ‘Chitranjali Wedding Studio’ and set up an arrangement. You can also seek price estimates about their wedding candid photography package.

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