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Candid Wedding Photography

Renowned Candid Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

Are you one of those “to be married” couples who are searching for the best candid photographers in Kolkata  who would be lens locking your wedding moments with your closed acquaintances? We understand your dream of having a wedding photo album that you can cherish forever.

We are here to bring you the best photographic moments of your wedding that you will bring out the true essence of your togetherness as well as the entire ceremony.Chitranjali Wedding Studio is the trusted name in the genre of wedding photography in Kolkata. Our experienced photographers make sure they take inspiration from the offbeat trends in the division of candid wedding photography to meet the expectations of their reputed customers along and claim the pioneering position in the present growing industry.

Infusing Tradition with Candids – that’s our job!

With the constantly changing trends, the photographers at the studio are ensuring that they bring out the art that is out of the track yet fascinating. Snapping shots that are not only traditional but also the ones having some candid flavours is the main aim of the photographers.

We try to click the best snaps of the couple, donning the gorgeous clothes. We do concentrate on the every person present at the venue. We, with our best clicks, snap the best moments of every person present at the ceremony.

We accept the LOVE all think that COUPLE deserves

Rituals!! Marriage is all about rituals and how can we let them go? We make sure that every ritual is covered in the best possible manner. With every activity of the ceremonies under our scanner, we give you some of the best shots that you would have hardly imagined.

“We Love to Photograph anyone before they know what their Best ANGLES are.”

Pretty unfair, isn’t it? But, we believe in this. The candid wedding photographers at Chitranjali Wedding Studio make sure that they click the moments without the plastic smile. Therefore, for the candids, we believe not to alert the person.

The bride’s perfect moments are something that would always be cherished. Therefore, we do not let go any of the moments untouched. Covering all the rituals of the marriage, we make sure that the special moments of the bride are safely saved for the future. Our photographers look at you and see the rest of your life in front of their eyes. We believe in capturing moments out of the events!!

Every Love Story is BEAUTIFUL; Yours will be the BEST

If you are really into raising a toast to your wedding through spontaneous and unconscious clicks, we are definitely going to be your first and last choice. Our clicks are something that is going to be called the undisputed “candid” clicks of the wedding. Through a fixed strategy and our approach, we make sure that each of the candid moments is captured on your D-Day.

Hire us for the best candid wedding snaps at the most reasonable price!!!