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Amazing Props to Make your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Special

‘My pre-wedding photoshoot will be different!’ – Isn’t the very first thing that comes across your mind when you start planning for the shoot? Or you may have already asked your photographer thousand times to make the photos romantic, beautiful and candid.

So, what do you think to be the ultimate ‘game changer’ for your shoot? Is it the location? Or will the poses make it happen? Well, it will be a pleasure for you to know that the ‘humble’ props you will be using in your pre-wedding shoot can be the game changer. All you need to do is to find and select the best possible props that can give a unique touch to your simple photos.

What are the props that can be used? Hear it straight from the pre-wedding photoshoot specialist in Kolkata working with Chitranjali Wedding Studio for a long time now. Take the guidance, find inspiration over the internet and you will be on your way to cherish the beautiful photos forever.

 Wrap the Banners

Banners are the best thing to express something to the onlookers. Unlike the regular couples who prefer to spread the banner in front of them, you can use it wrap around you like a sash. It will definitely create a picture perfect moment for you.

 Use the Quoted Props

We are talking about the props that you may find in photo booths. However, instead of the common ones like ‘moustache’ or ‘lipstick’ or ‘crown’, you can make the prop unique by creating your own with a special message written on it.

 Fly the Balloons of Love up in the air

If you have balloons among your list of props, it’s going to be a great colour addition to the pictures. You can give a spontaneous pose with the balloons flying away. Remember that, you will be able to give a shot for that pose one or two times. So, make it count.

 Your dupatta can be your prop

Want to give a filmy touch to your photoshoot? All you will need is a dupatta from your collection. It will possibly be the best if you can find a dupatta that is made of chiffon or silk for creating that easy-breezy flow with the air.

 Create some Bubbles
create some bubbles

Bubbles are always the show stopper. It looks so magical whenever you find some around you. So, why not create the same magic in your pre-wedding photo shoot too? Use the bubbles to create the ‘fantasy’ effect.

 Save the Date Slate Boards
save the date slate boards

It’s quite common though but still always a winner. Consult your photographer about how can you use the same save the date board in a different way. You can check for inspirations also to be modified later on.

 Fairy Lighting
fairy lighting

Nothing can be better than a fairy tale moment and use the standard chain lights in your home will be enough for creating this dramatic effect. So, go for it with confidence.

 Funny Frame Cut-outs
funny frame cut outs

There is nothing compulsory that you have to showcase your romantic side only in the pictures. Instead, you can choose to be on the side of humour. Showcase your funny side and burst in laugh going back to those moments again by using funny frame cut-outs as your prop.

So, all set now? As you have already landed up in your page, your search for the best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata is already over. Now, you have fix a date for the pre-wedding shoot, and you will be ready for creating memories.

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