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4 Tips to Couple for “TOGETHER WE STAND” Portrait Pre-Wedding Snaps

Every wedding is different. Every marriage has its own story to portray. Therefore, there must not be any hesitation in implying things that would make the pre-wedding snaps utterly enticing. The professional photographers take the endeavour in ascertaining some of the snaps to be not only mesmerising but also scintillating. They make sure that they click the best snaps each time they stand up with the camera.

Photography is all about visualising and framing the entire thing in the best way possible. Experts believe that it is a type of hide and seek game where the expert has to outline the whole snap with the presence of an element. In such challenging situation, planning and portraying things is of paramount necessity. The small elements are like solving the puzzle. These elements can make (if appropriately arranged) or break the frame (if not appropriately arranged).

Besides the lights and other elements that define “a great photo”; what needs to stand with the time is the couple’s willingness for the snaps. Most of the present pre-wedding shoots are based on the theme and commitment of “Together We Stand Forever”. The following article highlights some of the pro tips by the experts for captivating pre-wedding portrait photography:

1. Being “COMFORTABLE” in Front of the Camera

Experts say that the couples, who have been able to do this, have some of the great pictures in their albums. There is no doubt in the fact that more than 90% of couples shy away from the camera. It is the challenge of the best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata, who are capturing the moments to ascertain that the couple to be snapped remains engaged in chit-chat with each other. As far as they stay diverted from the camera, they are going to pose the best for their wedding album.

2. Tailoring the Shoot According to Couple

The professionalism and expertise of a photographer can be made out from the fact that how easily he or she is going to neutralise the shooting environment. A tensed atmosphere is nowhere going to stand when it comes to candid snaps. Plus, a good photographer has the ability to sense the taste of the couple and plan the wedding shoot accordingly.


Well, for a “TOGETHER FOREVER” pose, it is necessary to make sure that the couple tries out some of the unique or common poses. What most of the going-to-be married bride does is trying out poses exclusively for the wedding. Instead, stress needs to be given on the dresses and fashion. It is one of the elements that make snaps not only beautiful but also stunning.

4. Include ACTION in the Frame

Shocked! It is more about getting involved in some of the poses like running, talking, laughing, thinking and many more that reveals the eternal love. The photographers believe that by including ‘action’ poses in the snap makes the shot candid.


The theme under which the photo shoot has been planned should strictly stick to it. It makes the shots not only compelling but a memorable one for the rest of the lifetime. From ‘being uncomfortable’ to ‘perfect chemistry’- all goes to the credit of the photographer, how they do the things.

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